Sunday, May 31, 2009

Big Brain Wolf

Experience the ultimate adventure-puzzle game! Big Brain Wolf is a hilarious point and click adventure game for puzzle lovers. You play an asthmatic, vegetarian wolf studying to become a genie. In the course of his adventures you will encounter a large cast of famous funny characters and solve sixty different puzzles.

Six neuroscientists designed each highly replayable brain training exercise in the game, so there’s no excuse if you don’t get smarter! Play Big Brain Wolf today and start honing your puzzle-solving skills.

Game Size 35MB


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Cradle of Rome

Build the heart of the Ancient Roman Empire and become the Emperor! This legendary city was one of the most beautiful and powerful capitals to ever exist in history. And you'll be able to bring back to life all the masterpieces of the Roman architecture. Use your matching skills to Coliseum can become a good training school for your brave gladiators! And the Pantheon - the Temple of all the Roman Gods - will bring you luck! The fabulous Caesar's land opens its gates in front of you in this engaging puzzle game Cradle of Rome!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lost Secrets - Caribbean Explorer Secrets of the Sea

In Lost Secrets: Caribbean Explorer, you are the daughter of the infamous Francis Lafitte. Your mortally-injured father, along with your family’s fortune, has disappeared! Save your father and locate what is rightfully yours. Your journey begins in Port Royal and will take you to dozens of different locations scattered across pirate-infested waters. Learn the Secrets of the Sea in this exciting Hidden Object game!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Cindy's Sundaes

Help Cindy make her ice cream parlor a success! Match scoops and design your own beautiful ice cream sundaes that you will actually use in the game! Unlock new flavors, toppings and sundae designs as you play through Story Mode or test your endurance in Survival Mode! You can upgrade five different parlor themes by purchasing 20 colorful, mouth-watering sundaes and more than 50 scrumptious toppings! So, grab a spoon and dig in to Cindy's Sundaes!

Game Size 22MB


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Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Hardy Boys - The Perfect Crime

A crime wave has gripped the Hardy Boys` hometown of Bayport! Help the Hardys solve this rash of crimes and unravel the Perfect Crime! It’s up to the Boys and their detective skills to follow the clues and discover an incredibly deep plot in this Hidden Object game. Hardy Boys – The Perfect Crime will challenge you with tough minigames and detailed scenes. Can you find the mastermind behind it all and crack the case?

Ye Olde Sandwich Shoppe

After her uncle invents the sandwich, Elise decides to try her hand at selling them. Help her run the very first Sandwich Shoppe in this fast-paced Time Management game! Use upgrades and new ingredients to make Ye Old Sandwich Shoppe even better, and help make the sandwich a staple for years to come.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fashion Finder: Secrets of Fashion NYC Edition

In Fashion Finder: Secrets of Fashion NYC Edition , you`ll Meet Abigail Andrews a true trendspotter! Abbie has just been hired at a well known fashion magazine to help the editor. Save the struggling magazine using your Hidden Object skills and highlight everything from street style to runway couture. With Fashion Week, the biggest event in the industry, fast approaching, Abbie needs to find the hottest trends around New York City and make the magazine a must-read again.

Time Machine Evolution

Help a young Stone Age girl transcend time to discover the beauties and dangers of 5 new worlds! Solve match-3 puzzles to create buildings of different architectural styles, win prizes, and progress to the future!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Antique Shop

The game unites in itself the best qualities of Hidden Object and Time Management. Travell around the world in order to find costly artifacts and antiquarian rarities. For that you will need to satisfy aesthtical needs of your customers. Manage and improve your Antique Shop, in order to make it the best shop from both sides of Atlantic. You also have an opportunity to solve many historical puzzles, find the unique artifacts of antiquity and make phenomenal discoveries. Beautiful graphics, pleasant music and merry customers won't let you get bored.

Game Size 39MB

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Law & Order Criminal Intent DVD (4 Murder Cases)

In Law & Order: Criminal Intent, your goal is to solve four murder cases. You’ll initially be presented with three homicide cases which can be solved in any order. After solving all three cases, you’ll be presented with an additional one that ties the previous murders together. Your ultimate goal is to solve the fourth (and most challenging) case to uncover the truth.
You play Detective Robert Goren and guide his every move throughout the investigations. You’ll need to search the scenes for clues and order lab tests, surveillance reports and background checks. As you question witnesses and interrogate suspects, you’ll need to choose which interview techniques to employ. It’s up to you as Detective Goren to track down the killers and bring them to justice.

Case 1 - Martin Castillo Murder:
Ambitious prosecutor Martin Castillo is found floating in the East River, with multiple stab wounds in his body.
Case 2 - Lisa Stokes Murder:
A beautiful young woman is murdered in a hotel room. Lisa Stokes’ wrists are slashed and, interestingly, a pillowcase draped over her face.
Case 3 - James Warren Murder:
Bank Executive James Warren is bludgeoned to death by a baseball bat wielding assailant, in the foyer of his home.
Case 4 - Travis Chase Murder:
As Detective Goren solves each murder, he begins to realize that they are somehow connected. But how?

Game Size 865MB

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Spa Mania

Jade is an animal rights activist petitioning the cosmetics industry. After being challenged by Madame Dubois, a beauty industry empress, Jade dreams of starting her own earth friendly spa. To do this, she must first learn the ropes and deliver 5-star service in San Francisco. Use your Time Management skills to please guests with massages, facials, mud masks, and more. Use profits for things like ginseng tea and other upgrades. Can you manage the Spa Mania and indulge needy patrons?

Game Size 38MB


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Mysterious Worlds The Secret of Oak Island

As Mysterious Worlds The Secret of Oak Island begins, your grandmother has left you her old house and a mountain of debt. While sorting through her things, you find an ancient journal that seems to be filled with notes about pirates. The pages crumble in your hands, leaving only the last page written in grandmother's hand - " I don't think I will ever find the treasure of Oak Island". And so your adventure begins. Will you learn the secret of Oak Island? Will you find the treasure? The answers await you in Mysterious Worlds The Secret of Oak Island! 

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pahelika - Secret Legends

Long ago the ancient book of legend, Pahelika, was used to defeat an evil warrior-king. In order to protect the book, it was hidden and guarded in a secret temple. As the descendent of the original wielder of the book, it is up to you to prove your mind, body, and soul worthy of the magical artifact! Advance through unique tests, and travel to a mysterious world in Pahelika- Secret Legends, an exciting Hidden Object Adventure game!

Little Shop Memories

Say goodbye to your little shop, and get ready for an exciting future, in Little Shop - Memories, the latest chapter in the hugely popular Little Shop series of hidden object games. When the opportunity to open a Little Shop in paradise comes knocking on your door, you just can't resist! But there are so many memories in your Little Shop it's going to be hard to leave. Search through your memories and discover photos, trinkets, and other keepsakes from your journey to become a successful Little Shop entrepreneur. Explore 12 vivid environments covering five decades from your past. Remember that first lemonade stand in the 60's where you first got the buzz for business? Featuring two great game modes, exciting Bonus Rounds, and a nearly endless variety of cleverly hidden objects, Little Shop - Memories is a dazzling trip down memory lane.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Supermarket Management

Try your hand at running a supermarket! Play Supermarket Management, an entertaining supermarket simulator. Deal with growing customer traffic, hire assistants, earn money and invest wisely. Don’t forget to use marketing tricks to boost the income! Your initiative and business qualities will be appreciated. Success is waiting for you! Wonderful graphics and nice details, such as hilariously dancing assistant, make the game even more enjoyable.

Friday, May 22, 2009

CLUE Accusations and Alibis

Use your powers of perception and ace detective skills to solve a riveting mystery in CLUE Accusations and Alibis, an original new hidden object game inspired by everyone's favorite board game. When the host of an elegant dinner at a stylish Hollywood mansion is found murdered, a celebratory evening turns into an intriguing whodunit. Now it's up to you to crack the case before the other guests do. Search each room for cleverly hidden clues, interrogate the suspects, and examine each weapon. Can you determine who committed the crime, where the ghastly deed took place, and which weapon was used? Featuring fashionable updates to your favorite CLUE characters, addictive hidden object gameplay, an all-new mansion to search, and more than 400 unique cases to solve, you'll want to return to the scene of the crime again and again. Get a glimpse of this thrilling new adventure in the free demo, or play the full version and explore the CLUE mansion like never before. A brilliantly modern blend of hidden object fun and classic whodunit, CLUE Accusations and Alibis is a wonderfully new way to experience this beloved game. You have an invitation to murder. RSVP today!

Game Size 71MB

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Enter the magical world of Barina and travel on a rollercoaster adventure that will take you to the edge of the Kingdom and back in your attempt to save the land from an unknown evil. You are the only hero left standing that can restore peace and beauty to the land once again, using the power of the wind to help you on your quest in this amazing, unique puzzler game. You have the tools, but do you have what it takes?

Game Size 82MB

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

World of Goo

Drag and drop living, squirming, talking globs of goo to build structures, bridges, cannonballs, zeppelins, and giant tongues! The millions of innocent goo balls that live in the beautiful World of Goo are curious to explore, but they don't know that they are in a game, or that they are extremely delicious. This addicting and awe-inspiring Puzzle game will set you on an adventure that you'll never forget!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pretty In Pink

The classic 80s hit movie, Pretty in Pink, is known as a movie that defined a generation, and now players will have the chance to relive the memorable story about love, friendship and the clash of social cliques in an entertaining game format. Through hidden object, logic, and puzzle games you can recreate the classic romantic triangle between Andie, Duckie and Blane and then change, if you choose, the controversial movie ending.

Lavender`s Botanicals

Help the enterprising Lavender expand her all-natural, personal care business in this awesomely organic Time Management game! Travel the world making important business contacts and discovering exciting, new ingredients and recipes. Keep your burgeoning business booming by keeping best-selling recipes stocked and staying ahead of the curve researching and marketing sought-after, novel products. Get down to business with Lavender`s Botanicals today!

Game Size 24MB

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Asamis Sushi Shop

It has fallen on Asami to carry on her family`s tradition and become a master at making sushi! Follow Asami`s grandfather`s recipes to keep your diverse clientele happy and full of delicious sushi. Use your Match 3 and Time Management skills to earn tips and enough money to improve Asami`s Sushi Shop. Buy powerful upgrades to keep your customers happy, and improve the atmosphere of the restaurant.

The Game of Life - SpongeBob SquarePants Edition

See what life in Bikini Bottom has in store for SpongeBob and all of his friends in The Game of Life - SpongeBob SquarePants Edition! Spin the wheel as SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy, or Squidward in two great game modes. Play the way you remember with the official Game of Life rules, or play with SpongeBob's rules featuring waterlogged mini-games to change prices and bend the rules. Or, customize the game, create your own rules, and play your way! Featuring incredible 3D graphics, fantastic animations, and loads of surprises, The Game of Life - SpongeBob SquarePants Edition is a wonderfully wacky version of the classic family board game. Get your feet wet with the free trail version of The Game of Life - SpongeBob SquarePants Edition, or play the full unlimited version and see if you can be the one who ends up with the most clams!

Game Size 54MB


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Monday, May 18, 2009

Sunset Studio - Love on the High Seas

Search star-studded Hollywood sets for cleverly hidden objects, and keep a big budget blockbuster from sinking -- literally, in Sunset Studio - Love on the High Seas! In this exciting sequel to Sunset Studio Deluxe, Katherine Connick, the temperamental and demanding star of "Titanship", just can't find anything for herself. But really, why should a star have to look for anything anyway? That's what assistants are for! Help keep this unsteady production afloat by sifting through a variety of studio locations and collecting valuable production pieces before time runs out. From the creators of the hit Little Shop series of games, Sunset Studio - Love on the High Seas features vibrant scenes to search, six amazing power-ups, a hilarious storyline, and whole lot of Hollywood glamour. Play Sunset Studio - Love on the High Seas and discover the kind of romance that can only be found on an imaginary sinking ship. Look for Sunset Studio - Love on the High Seas Free Trial and Sunset Studio Love on the High Seas Full Version games soon at a computer near you!

Game Size 76MB


Screenshots: # 1 # 2 # 3

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Laura Jones and the Secret Legacy of Nikola Tesla

In Laura Jones and the Secret Legacy of Nikola Tesla, young Laura Jones receives a mysterious box left to her grandmother by scholar and inventor Nikola Tesla, with whom her grandmother worked with during her youth. The box contains clues to the locations of the part needed to start Tesla's greatest invention, the location of which is also unknown, but promises to rid the world of its energy problems. Unfortunately, energy is big business and Laura's not the only one trying to find and start Tesla's invention. It's a race against time in Laura Jones and the Legacy of Nikola Tesla, a fantastic prequel to Laura Jones and the Gates of Good and Evil!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

SKIP BO Castaway Caper

You've been stranded on a deserted island -- or so you thought! Play Skip-Bo to appease the Great Volcano with the help of friendly islanders. The object of the game is to be the first player to play all of the cards in your Stock pile in numerical order on the Building piles. At the start of your adventure, you'll be taken through a quick tutorial to bring you up to speed. With four game modes, challenging mini-games and endless family-friendly fun, Skip-Bo: Castaway Caper is an original adventure featuring one of the world's favorite card games!

Game Size 20MB


Screenshots: # 1 # 2 # 3

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Youda Marina

Youda Marina is a wonderful simulation and time management game all rolled into one. It offers you sun and fun each time you play! Be creative with your exotic harbor and have fun managing it is everyday problems - just the way you want to! You will be the harbor master, responsible for keeping all your marina visitors happy. And happy visitors mean lots of income as they pay their harbor fees and visit your bars and restaurants. The more income you earn, the more facilities you can build. Make it possible for your visitors to stay longer by letting them stay in your hotels or holiday resorts. You can even and let them enjoy a day in one of your amusement parks, or join amazing tours. You can even start your own diving school or game fishing excursions! Youda Marina brings together all the creativity of landscape design with some great management action!

Jessica - Mysterious Journey

Go on a thrilling adventure to discover a lost treasure with Jessica in this hunt and seek game! When part of an ancient treasure map comes into her hands, Jessica fearlessly sets out for adventure. Find rare items, uncover missing pieces of the map, and decrypt a secret code in level after level of stunning hidden object challenges. Search intricately detailed scenes for concealed objects, solve perplexing puzzles, and discover a lost treasure tucked away in a secret location!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Jessica - Secret of the Caribbean

After a series of mystical adventures and finding an ancient artifact, Jessica and Tony fall in love, get married and set up for a quiet honeymoon to the Caribbean. Things don't go according to plan when they get involved in a whole new hidden object adventure.You will have to help Jessica to rescue her kidnapped husband by finding the riches of Jessica's forefather, the famous pirate, Noel! Search intricately detailed scenes for hidden objects, solve perplexing puzzles, and discover a lost treasure tucked away in a secret location!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Yard Sale 2: Hidden Treasures: Lucky Junction

Hanna Harlow, the hostess of the world`s favorite decorating television show, is looking for the next design superstar in Yard Sale Hidden Treasures: Lucky Junction! Find the exact items you need in the yard sales of Lucky Junction, and create divine décor out of derelict debris. Redesign rooms in your neighbor`s homes, and propel yourself into T.V. stardom in this exciting and fun Hidden Object game.

Ancient Secrets

Discover a rich world filled with amazing fun in Ancient Secrets, a bold new adventure for all ages. Long ago, before the ancient Tekka tribe vanished into history, the tribal elders locked away the treasures of this once glorious people in a secret location and scattered the pieces of the key across the world. Over time, the Tekka became a memory and the key fragments became the stuff of legends and myths. Join Kate on the adventure of her life as she picks up where her father left off on the search for the ancient secrets of the Tekka. Use your keen eye for detail to solve highly detailed hidden object challenges, bend your brain with original puzzles, and explore a vivid world full of helpful characters, exotic locations, and surprises at every turn. Embark on this engaging adventure today and find the ancient secrets for yourself!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Drugstore Mania

Do your best to bring people back to health by selling potions, preparing herbal concoctions, and blending ingredients for complex prescriptions. Use your time management skills to manufacture high quality medicine on demand and deftly serve ailing customers. Hire extra hands to help you out as you move into larger towns and big time business!

Game Size 43MB


Screenshots: # 1 # 2 # 3

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